Gardening Guru is your personal home gardening advisor. 

Organic gardening requires hands- on management

Organic Gardening activities promote creating and sustaining  living soil and ecological healthy garden that has a bountiful production.  Gardeners of all ages are able to connect with nature and have fun producing food that tastes great.


Organic gardening is family friendly practice and educational experience which brings real joy to those that experience working with the natural cycles of seasons, plants, and soils, and being attuned to these patterns. Working effectively with natural systems requires curiosity and experimentation. By experimenting in your own home garden, and following Gardening Guru’s blog, you will have a great learning opportunity which promote personal continual expansion of knowledge and refining techniques.



Organic Gardening is economically viable for most. Gardening Guru is available for hire and an advisor will be focused on helping you (novice and expert gardeners alike) with planning, implementing and planting, and harvesting your personal home garden.


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