Summer Sprouts!


It was the first week of July when I started to plan the garden. I was considering planting a cover crop, annuals, or just covering the beds with straw for the first year to help with the contents of nutrients in the soil. I also was concerned that it was too late to plant.  I spoke with many master gardeners, and was surprised that  some recommended that I plant now because “seeds are cheap” others said “the weather this year is so hot and windy, and don’t think that the seeds had the proper conditions to germinate.”

I had some seeds, so I planted seeds.

I am so glad I did! 

 I was conscious to plant only seeds of vegetables that were frost tolerant and take a short period of time to grow.

It has been about 7 days after planting:




Seeds are inexpensive and if you have some bare soil, consider planting organic open pollinated – heirloom seeds. If you decide to leave your soil unplanted, consider covering it with an annual that will just grow for the remainder of the season, or putting mulch,straw, or a cover crop on top of  the garden bed.



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