Surprising Spring (Brussels) Sprouts


I was so excited to check out Nancy’s garden during the first day of Spring 2012. I went to go find some of the seeds and garlic bulbs had grown during the winter and are flourishing in the cold weather.

Did you know that brussels sprouts looked like this? They have an interesting and cool characteristic of growing on the stalk under each leaf. (In this photo, most leaves have been dead-headed/trimmed) Try this season to plant some brussels sprouts into your garden. They seem to love the cold Park City climate.

Did you know that Brussels Sprouts are on considered on of the World’s Healthiest Foods? (

Brussels Sprouts have many nutritional benefits and support detoxifying and getting rid of toxins in the body. They have antioxidant supporting vitamins including vitamins C, E, and A and help rid of unwanted inflammation in the body. This tasty food helps to create proper digestion and has been proven  beneficial for heart health.


A simple and delicious recipe for brussels sprouts:

Drizzle a small amount of  e.v.o.o. into a plan and sautee brussels sprouts.

When they are tender add some real salt and serve.


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