Grow food for Personal Health benefits (mind, body, and spiritual)


The benefits of growing food or buying local organic food are excellent for personal health and well-being.

1. There is nothing more local that eating food you have grown.  The food you grow is more fresh and delicious than that in the store, and you can trust that the food you grow is safe and healthy to eat. Also, by growing a garden, you know exactly what does and does not go into your food and exactly where it comes from.

2. Working in the garden reduces stress. It feels good for our spirits and bodies to play in the garden, be in the sun, and breathe the fresh air. Enjoy and dedicate yourself to your garden.

3. Learning and educating friends and family where food actually comes from and the process of how it is grown is a beneficial education for all generations. Food doesn’t come from the supermarket, but from the soil, water, sun, and the earth we all live on.

(teach your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and friends)

4. Experiment by trying grow your food even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still grow food with container planting or by joining your local community garden.

Summit County Community Gardens:


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